Products and Projects

With expertise in a wide range of online industries as well as serving clients directly, we also offer our own relevant IT products as part of this service, that give our clients the tools they need to establish the most efficient setups to run their businesses.

Below are just some small examples of the things we offer.

  • HR platform

    Looking to drop all the unnecessary paperwork and consolidate how you manage your staff into one convenient location, then we might have the answer. Offering a smart internal platform to easily manage staff related issues such as Leave/expenses/Payroll.

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  • Communication Engine

    There are many available options on the market that offer an email delivery platform to allow businesses to communicate both their general notification messages to their end customers but also mass promotional emails, on top of other methods such as SMS.

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  • Examples of work

    With a mixture of clients over the years, we tend to work on a long term basis with our clients, building up close relationships. We make really getting to understand both the ultimate objectives of our clients but also the industry that they specialise in our number one priority.

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