Communication Engine

Communications EngineAs part of a wider project, we understood the need for our clients and companies in general to properly manage their own internal online communication to their end customers. As such we have developed our own, in house software that allows companies to effectively manage this.

Using a flexible and scalable platform with a simple and intuitive layout, our communication engine allows clients to use different media channels to cost effectively send out email/SMS and more, to their customers without spending a fortune on off the shelf or 3rd party managed solutions. We have also customized this to a degree based on the clients’ needs.

Dashboard and reporting

With a simple dashboard that gives users a quick glance over the recent activity within the platform, we allow users to monitor the performance of the email campaigns that includes:

  • Valid email check
  • Sent rates
  • Delivered
  • Opened
  • CTR's
  • Bounce rate
Communications Engine

This can be customized according to the user group accordingly and also allows simple integration to use dynamic tracking from GA that allows simple tracking of set campaigns to be clearly visible through Google Analytics.

Automated integration

We’ve set up our communication engine to be easily integrated with 3rd party software applications including databases, and other common proprietor software.

Depending on the application, once setup, the system can pull relevant data from your database and extract the relevant fields needed to send out mailshots for system specific requirements.

Scheduling and framework

Communications EngineWith built in scheduling and re-occurrence setup, it’s possible to schedule hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly occurrences of emails and other communication formats to be sent.

What this means it that you can tailor your communication to be sent at the intended audiences prime times, when open and CTR are the highest, even when none of your marketing staff are even in the office.

Email Templates

The platform is setup to cater towards all your communication needs, easily capable of bulk repeat emails and notifications or ones offs, whereby templates are setup and put in place that allow copying of existing templates, allowing easy modification and more.