HR Management Platform

HR Management PlatfromWe have developed our own in house software that allows our clients to effectively manage their own staffs HR requirements through a simple, yet slick platform that removes the need for physical paper copies (although this can still be provided by the system).

With different user groups for managers and reporting staff, all staff can have access to the system at varying levels, depending on the seniority within an organization. Staff can apply for leave or all other common HR requests and then the manager authorize it through the platform, where it is added to the calendar and calculates their overall number of days left available to them which they can see.

Day to day time keeping

With a system that can track when your staff login, this is an ideal solution for shift workers and general attendance issues. Avoid the need for extra access cards, by simply setting up your staff’s computer and then run weekly or monthly reports to confirm hours worked.

This can be configured to simply run on a company Intranet only and be a unique and integral part of the daily login to a staff member’s computer. It’s possible to easily generate reports and summaries that allow line managers to keep track on their staff.

Annual, Sick and Emergency leave

All staff are provided with logins and once logged in, can apply for leave, add a sick leave request and then it be auto calculated to their annual allowance. Once an application is submitted to the system an email notification is sent to the line manager, requesting to approve or decline. Once done a notification is then sent to the applicant.

Staff may upload appropriate docs (such as medical certificates) and leave further notes and feedback within the request as well as view all previous correspondence. HR Management Platfrom Screenshot


Any expenses incurred by staff can be submitted using the system and are associated with their user ID and staff profile. Anything can be submitted and as part of this and all necessary accompanying documents such as Receipts can be scanned and uploaded accordingly (hard copies may be required in some jurisdictions).

These expenses are then sent to the relevant line manager and approved or declined accordingly. If accepted, these can then be added onto Payroll as relevant.


As part of the complete management tool for employees, we offer a comprehensive solution for managing your staffs monthly payroll needs.

With a flexible setup that can be customized to the requirements of the business and local country legislation. With forms for adding personal scenarios and auto calculation of tax contributions for both Employee and Employer, as well as allowances/expenses and more.

More Features coming soon

With new features due to be integrated in not so distant future, including Staff profiles, Rectruitment management, Insurance details, Pension planning and more, we're aiming to support all major components of an HR departments needs.