Online Marketing Consultancy

SagaOS malaysian outsourcing customer supportSagaOS is a results-driven and forward-thinking outsourcing agency specialising in PPC, SEO, Social media, PR and Offline media. Both before and once your website is set up and running we offer consultancy services that include a complete marketing plan encompassing development, design and implementation. We provide fully integrated online marketing solutions that can be customised to suit you and your company’s needs.

Offering a full set of online marketing consultancy disciplines, including Search Engine Optimization, Social Media marketing, Online Media marketing, PR and more to ensure our strategic consulting services deliver measurable and consistent results for our clients.

Ultimately the more of the right type of traffic you get to your site, the more leads you are likely to get, leading to more business from your website. We can help you deliver the results you need with the appropriate training and advise, with the combination of search, social media and content marketing to uplift your online business. We can also advise on best approach when it comes to brand and keeping a consistent front when expanding online.

Paid Search Marketing

Through our well-executed paid media campaigns, we help clients boost their brand into prominent positions within Google and Bing paid advertising sections. Our teams carefully optimize all of your campaigns to make sure all the allocated funds bring in the best results and give you the best ROI.

Although a time consuming thing to get right, once setup, a well-run PPC campaign can be a great acquisition source and even in a competitive market place we can deliver results that meet your expectations.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimisation or SEO as its commonly known is the process of improving a websites ranking within the organic or unpaid search results of popular search engines such as Google and Bing. With any SEO, there are many different components that make up the overall strategy. Making sure your site is easily crawl able by search engines is just the start and we can give advice on advanced SEO strategies including link building, content and social.

Our experts give advice on all the improvements necessary on a current website to increase its ranking and visibility on search engines. We can also provide training for your staff for future knowledge for your own in house initiatives.

Social Media

First came the computer, then came the internet and now it’s the era of websites 2.0 or more commonly known as Social Media – user generated content. Social media has now become an embedded cultural part of society with younger generations spending a considerable amount of time and energy on it. Giving a voice to millions of people around the world it is a medium that cannot be missed in the way you can engage with your customers.

Social media has also now arguably become an important component of SEO and its effect on rankings is beginning to become clearer. Our in house experts can advise and even manage your social media strategy to make sure you take the right approach to engage your customers in the right way.

PR and Offline media

PR can be a great way to get exposure for your brand that would simply be unobtainable or otherwise extremely expensive. Although focusing mainly on online PR, we do also have land based connections overseas that can give you access to certain markets. However you choose to approach your PR, we can advise on best practice, strategy and ultimately the most efficient way to get the best out of what you do and manage your brand reputation effectively and positively.

Offline media can be a great way to reach out to customers who aren’t so internet savvy, allowing you to tap into previously unobtainable client bases. It can also be a great way for brand visibility and increasing overall conversion across all acquisition channels. We can advise you on the most suitable approaches based on your target market and overall strategy.

Web Development

Our developers at SagaOS come together from various fields, they bring in their expertise in identifying the need of a company in a specific industry turning their core business identity into a full-fledged online platform.

Operational Solutions

SagaOS focuses on 2 keys operations in this service; Management and Maintenance. We deliver a maintenance package where we follow a strict set of procedures to make sure we don’t miss anything.