Operational Solutions

SagaOS malaysian outsourcing customer supportManaging and Maintaining a website is an equally demanding challenge as launching a website. Keeping your global web presence strong and up-to-date is a business imperative. Without consistent and systematic website management and website maintenance, your website becomes nothing more than a static catalog which leaves you behind the rest and is out of sync with the growing and dynamic nature of your business.

A major problem that many business owners face is not having the time or sufficiently skilled internal resources, to be able to maintain and update their website. Using the services provided by SagaOS allows you to keep your websites fresh, clean and up to date with the rest of the industry, freeing up time internally to be able to focus on other things within your business.

What we offer

Website management

Small to Medium companies can sometimes struggle to keep up with their clients when they interact with your business online. With SagaOS management services, you can finally utilize your corporate website with full efficiency. Imagine the ability to manage, change, and automate your manual information processes, while creating a smooth communication between departments to update the site.

Website maintenanceSagaOS malaysian outsourcing payment processing

Our website maintenance and support services are a cost effective way to keep your site up to date. Depending on the needs of your business we offer both short-term and long-term maintenance solutions. For short-term maintenance contracts we ensure that all the features of the website live up to expectation before its initial launch and for a further set time frame post launch.

Support Services

On top of the initial design, development, launch and technical follow up, we also offer certain types of support services to clients. If you've launched a new initiative within your business but need some experienced support staff to be on hand from launch to manage customer queries and even process payments and fraud checks then we can offer set packages to suit your needs.

Web Management Package:
  • Managing domain profiles
  • Managing advertising networks
  • Website architectural planning and growth
  • Advanced content strategies and implementation
  • 2.0 website user management
  • Modification of existing content
Web Maintenance Package:
  • Minimizing down time
  • On call technical resolution framework
  • Website design upgrades and modifications
  • Repairing broken links and pages
  • Upgrading outdated components of the website
  • Reporting all changes to internal stakeholders
Support Service Package:
  • Customer process management
  • Customer support agents (set business types only)
  • Risk and fraud analysis (set business types only)
  • Payment processing management
  • Team and management training
  • Market research

Web Development

Our developers at SagaOS come together from various fields, they bring in their expertise in identifying the need of a company in a specific industry turning their core business identity into a full-fledged online platform.

Marketing Consultancy

Realising that the launch of a website is clearly the beginning, SagaOS implements effective marketing measures to make sure your website and company reach out to the world in a strong position.