Web development services

Today web development has a much broader meaning and implication than when the internet first began to emerge back in the 90’s. With almost every modern professional website design offering its own unique features, it takes a considerable effort to make a site that really stands out from the crowd.

With teams of highly qualified professionals, experienced in both development and design, SagaOS has the necessary internal skill sets that can meet your development projects requirements whilst creating a long and healthy business to business relationship.

Although we recommend using tried and tested open source CMS solutions we can also build custom applications for you that meet your requirements. We can develop websites on either Windows or Linux hosting platforms, giving customers a choice in their preferred Operating system.

Creative services

SagaOS malaysian outsourcing web designOur design teams offer a service that makes sure that your website is visually alluring by both focusing on web design and customer user experience. Depending on the product most suitable for your company and the marketplace it will be entering, SagaOS can offer simple static websites with core content and visible messages. If your company requires a more complex design with a fun, entertaining theme, SagaOS also offers advanced web design services.

From high-end complex websites to plain and concise design, our team of designers will create a website that supports your brand and meets your business objectives. Those finishing touches and refinements that turn a good website into a visually excellent one take skill, experience and extensive knowledge of placement which our team of designers specialize in. At SagaOS, we utilize our expertise to create a spontaneous user experience that compliments your site’s visual design.

With any new design projects, we keep a light and efficient design process, that allows us to design the site or component that you want, however keep it in line with modern design principles and the latest trends and innovations. We offer promotional design, website design, onsite animation, advanced UX and much more.

Technical services

SagaOS malaysian outsourcing technical solutionsAlthough we like to push the boundary when it comes to offering technical solutions for clientele, we like to also ensure that whatever we deliver to the client is a reliable and robust solution based on scalable and current technologies. With larger more advanced website builds we almost always use platforms based on databases.

Databases driven websites add numerous advantages to your online business, that include easy updates, flexible content management and active user control. By following strict Project Management principles and using numerous coding disciplines such as ASP, PHP HTML, DHTML, JavaScript and other Open Source code, SagaOS duly delivers a website that offers maximum business benefit.

An integral part of web development is Content Management. We use the latest web authoring open source software to make sure your website can deliver content in the easiest way to your visitors and potential clients. Our CMS solutions take your static website and develop it to an integral corporate tool. With a focus on making a strong interface and UX, the ease of using your website itself will be a great experience to your clients making your brand stronger and more reputable.

With the combination of both sides, these feature rich solutions provide you a wealth of features and flexibility to launching your company website and ensuring that you receive the optimum online representation you were hoping for.

Operational Solutions

SagaOS focuses on 2 keys operations in this service; Management and Maintenance. We deliver a maintenance package where we follow a strict set of procedures to make sure we don’t miss anything.

Marketing Consultancy

Realising that the launch of a website is only the very beginning, SagaOS implements effective marketing measures to make sure your website and company reach out to the world in a strong position.